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Your Academic Challenges
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Score Higher

Expert Buddy is your academic aid whenever and wherever you need it. With our expert tutors to help,
you can understand complex concepts better, perform excellently in exams, and complete assignments
and homework on time. Expert Buddy wants to be the private academic help that you can always
count on to be on your side.

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Our Mission

To provide a host of choices for students in academic
help with an extensive and reliable technology platform,
multiple subject-matter experts, and diverse subjects with
the highest quality benchmarks.

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Our Vision

To become the best brand of choice for students looking
for personalized, cost-effective, and timely online
academic help in selected markets by creating a strong
learning ecosystem for any subject where students need
a helping hand to face homework, assignment, and
examination challenges.

Values We Abide By

Despite the quality and commitment we put into helping every student, we have a strong foundation built on the following pillars of quality.
These pillars help us scale our service and business.



Our service is built around our
students. Everything we do, we do
it for our students, without whom
we would not have been here.
Not at all.



When we help our students with
their assignments, homework, QA,
and exams, we really like to see results.
And results matter in our journey.



Everything we do at Expert Buddy is
transparent, which we love. This openness
is what made us such a sensation among
the students



We know that there are no two ways
when it comes to learning. We are
flexible to accommodate the students
as much as we can.



Expert Buddy is all in for teamwork. Our
students' results are an outcome of the
hard work our team collectively does
with the students.



Our students’ privacy is integral to our
success. We have procedural, physical,
and technology systems in place to
protect our students’ privacy.

Academic Domains
We Help With

No matter what our students study and want our help with, we are
right there with them. Our academic support spans multiple
education domains to help everyone looking for comprehensive
academic support.


A Timeline of Expert Buddy’s Journey

Founded by Mr. Abhishek Bishnoi in 2021, Expert Buddy has enjoyed an unprecedented rate of growth in the first year.
The acceptance of the brand’s services demonstrated the quality and commitment that Expert Buddy upheld in
assisting students in learning better and scoring higher.


The launch of Expert Buddy to
change the way students seek
tutoring help



Expert Buddy raises $1mn in
revenue in a year’s time, flying on
student demand.



The brand grows its operations to
more countries by expanding its
service scope.


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