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Are you searching for a tutor who can teach you a topic or many with excellence? If yes, then you are in the right place. We at ExpertBuddy have many skilled professionals with knowledge and experience who can quickly elaborate on the most complex topics.

Find Your Tutor Option

You can find the Book Tutor option on the website's top banner or with the other services in the band. Or you can simply log in to your dashboard by clicking on the option in the top right corner. You can find your tutor under the schedule class tab on the dashboard.


Fill Your Requirements

Once you are there on the dashboard, you can fill the form with the required details as per your need. So basically, you need to select the subject, topic with description (if required), class duration, and the date with timings to schedule the class that suits you and your schedule. Now submit it and receive the token id to process it further.

Talk To Us!

Our team member will contact you to discuss the different processes and payments. Once you both come to a conclusion and have received the verification, you can relax while our expert tutor accepts your request. Until then, you will find the class data in pending classes.


You Are Ready To Join

Once your class request is picked and processed for the final step, you can find the joining link in the completed class option. Join the class smoothly.